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Ensure you’re protected

By October 5, 2018 No Comments

Cybercrime is happening so often that our Federal Police can’t even keep up with it. It’s no longer a passing trend, and it’s not just hitting big business – small business is particularly vulnerable as their IT systems are comparatively weak, with only basic security measures in place, and they are often least able to withstand interruptions to operation.

In fact, recent research by US telco giant Verizon showed that small business makes up 58% of businesses affected.

Every day, the growing complexity and frequency of cybercrime puts Australian businesses at increasing risk. It’s a threat that can no longer be ignored – especially for small business. As a business owner, the responsibility to protect your data means you must act to protect not only your business and livelihood, but everyone who comes in contact with your organisation. Take the time to review your systems, educate yourself and your team and seek professional advice on how to manage your risk today. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – because the alternative could be much worse.