A lot is at stake when you’re operating a packaging facility. Your suppliers, buyers, and the product’s end users depend on you to package goods in a way that ensures product quality and safety. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable without the right insurance!

Protection is one ingredient that you can’t leave out of your packaging business.

  • Product spoilage or contamination due to faulty packaging can lead to recalls that are financially devastating for your business.
  • Product breakage can occur at any time
  • Employees and other people can be injured
  • Equipment can malfunction
  • Mother Nature can wreak havoc on your plant

Packaging is a relatively high-risk business, whether you package non-processed foods such as nuts, honey, popcorn, and potatoes; liquor; dry goods such as flour, coffee, or rice; frozen foods; meats, fish or poultry; or pet food.

Even non-perishable products require packaging – electronics, housewares, toys, household products, and hardware are just a few… and your customers expect their products to arrive in perfect condition.

In addition to workers compensation, commercial auto, property, and public liability, your business will benefit from cover specific to the type of packaging you do to ensure that you are protected in the event of machinery breakdown or business interruption.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Talk to Nsure’s experts to get cover specifically tailored for your packaging operations, and protect yourself, your business, your employees, and your customers in the event the unexpected happens.

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