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Professional Liability Insurance: Do I Really Need It?

By February 3, 2018 No Comments

If you are a professional of any kind, you risk having unhappy clients and it may surprise you just how vulnerable your business is to lawsuits. Your clients could sue you if you’re:

  • A photographer hired to shoot a wedding and your equipment malfunctioned or you simply forgot to get any shots of the happy groom’s 100-year-old grandmother
  • A hair stylist who misunderstood the client’s request and gave them a haircut that in the client’s eyes, made them look like a crazy cat ladyA consultant hired to increase an organisation’s efficiency and through no fault of your own, your recommendations were not implemented and efficiency actually decreased
  • A programmer and you made a mistake in your software code
  • A bicycle mechanic whose client crashed on their first ride after their bike has been tuned by you
  • A contractor of any kind who missed a deadline
  • A project manager accused of mismanaging a project when the goes over time and over budget
  • A home-based designer and who unknowingly copied someone’s artwork for your client’s logo (the artist could sue you, as well as your client)
  • A nutritionist who suggested the use of a supplement to which the client develops an  allergic reaction
  • A fitness trainer advising a client on their diet and nutrition and they end up gaining weight and falling short of their fitness goals
  • A massage therapist who went “a little too deep” with deep-tissue massage and your client complained of back pain the next day

The list goes on… and while customer claims are sometimes (or often) outlandish and unfounded because the situation may have resulted from client error and no fault of your own… virtually every professional can be at risk of going out of business because of a single lawsuit!

How do you know if you really need professional liability insurance? In short, if you have clients, and even one of them says, “You messed up” and sues you. You need professional liability cover if you:

  • Provide a professional (paid) service
  • Regularly give paid advice to clients
  • Engage in any type of contract

Even if the claims turn out to be false and you win your case, ask yourself just one question: Can I afford to stay in business while I’m mired neck-deep in a court case that is costing me thousands of dollars out-of-pocket plus eating up my valuable time?  

Professional liability insurance will safeguard your livelihood and help you weather the storms of our litigious society. Don’t let one disgruntled client, or one mistake on your part, ruin your career.

Take advantage of Nsure’s experience to protect your business and reputation! As you know, cheaper is not always better and we take the time to identify your actual risks, your risk tolerance, and your ultimate business goals. Then, we custom-design cover that is based on your unique situation, at the most affordable price.