Farm Pack Insurance

Commercial farming is a tough life, and while we understand farmers need to save money to remain profitable, the situation is often made worse by being underinsured.

Natural disasters, machinery breakdowns, fires, theft, produce spoilage, livestock health issues, and other events threaten your enterprise and your livelihood.

If disaster strikes – can you recover? It’s safer to be prepared for every contingency than to risk losing everything in a “dry year.” In the event of a defined event like a storm, a farm pack protects your:

  • Home and its contents
  • Farm buildings and their contents
  • Machinery, equipment and vehicles (damage, loss, theft, or breakdown)
  • Fencing
  • Hay and other feed
  • Livestock

You and your farm are also protected against liability claims for personal injury or property damage as a result of your farm operations.

A farm pack policy gives you peace of mind because it covers everything you need to stay in business – from farm machinery to crops to livestock to crops, and ensures you can get your farm operational and profitable again in the event of a disaster. Talk to Nsure today about securing the best value for your insurance dollar!

Ensure you’re covered