Industrial Special Risk Insurance

If your business operations are diverse and encompass manufacturing, distribution, and office, then Industrial Special Risks insurance can give you an all-in-one cover that avoids duplications and irrelevant cover.

Duplicate cover is not only unnecessary but costly. With Industrial Special Risks cover, you get  get cover for all of your assets, tailored to your unique needs, in one policy (sometimes called an “All Risks Policy”).

Industrial Special Risks Insurance is designed to protect your company’s physical assets, including buildings, plant and machinery, stock, and all real and personal property of every kind belonging to the insured.

ISR includes:

  • Loss and damage to anything uninsured on the premises such as raw materials, personal property of directors and employees.
  • Accidental damage (including emergencies)
  • Debris removal
  • Professional fees due to business interruption
  • Loss of revenue, rental or other income, and/or increased expenses caused by damage to insured property, but also contingent damage to the property or premises of customers, suppliers and others.
  • Theft and burglary, including theft perpetrated by employees

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