Construction And Engineering

When the project doesn’t go as planned

As if it weren’t challenging enough to keep a construction project on-budget and on-time, the unexpected happens. NSURE’s philosophy is to give you the right cover for every construction and engineering project, and to support you with early identification and avoidance of potential risks in every situation.

NSURE Construction & Engineering Insurance Cover

Murphy’s Law seems to hit the nail on the head when it comes to construction and engineering.

Problems like operator errors, miscalculations, faulty information, material defects, technical malfunctions, natural hazards, workforce complications, and miscommunication can cause significant and expensive delays, business interruption, and additional costs.

Increased construction activity in Australia means increased risk. There may be problems with subcontractors; occupational health and safety issues; and a fine line of duty of care to other people on site, leading to a greater need for risk management systems that in place proactively (onboarding, endorsements to broaden provisions). It’s imperative to have the best insurance cover money can buy, and make sure it works for you.

Even the smallest property development requires the services of dozens of different trades, architects, engineers and building experts. The developer is left with the risk of dozens of different problems that could jeopardise the project.

Nsure has the experience and knowhow to understand the technical aspects of most commercial, industrial, residential or retail developments. This knowledge allows us to examine your likely risk exposure and provide impartial insurance solutions to protect you.

We design insurance coverage for most events from theft of materials and equipment right through to contractors becoming insolvent that can leave you accountable for their obligations.

As independent insurance brokers, we will design the best construction insurance coverage to suit your needs and budget. Nsure’s automatic claims system will work with you, quickly processing your claim so your project stays on track.

Keep your project moving along by working with Nsure’s expert assessors, who will identify potential hazards, assist you in mitigating them, and ensure that your business is fully protected in case the unexpected (or “hope-this-doesn’t happen”) happens. Contact Nsure today!

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