Not For Profit

Non-profits have an important role in their communities and globally. However, just like any for-profit business, non-profits face the challenges of delivering high-quality services - and they face the same logistical and liability risks that for-profit businesses face every day.

It is Nsure’s mission to help your not-for-profit organisation continue making a difference in your community.

If you employ staff, you need Workers Compensation. But did you know that you also need cover for volunteers? In our litigious society, even genuinely good-hearted people can face claims against them while they are performing volunteer work for a non-profit. In addition, you need cover for fundraising events, performances, entertainment, functions, festivals, and parades. Personal injury is always a risk, and all members need to be covered for personal injury claims against them.

You are eligible for not-for-profit insurance cover if you provide a public/charitable benefit, do not conduct business for the financial gain of its members or owners, support the community, are not a government agency, and your income is limited to $10million. If you have questions about your organisation’s eligibility, potential risk, and protection needs, connect with Nsure today – so you can continue making the world a better place, with complete peace of mind!

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