Whether you own a residential strata unit or a commercial strata unit, you’re part of a whole – and you and your fellow strata owners need the best available cover. There is often lack of clarity as to what exactly is covered and what is not, leading to people and businesses being underinsured and in danger of significant financial loss.

Residential Strata

Home sweet home… residential strata insurance helps keep it that way by ensuring that all common property is protected, and you aren’t left footing the bill for common-area problems.

Residential strata insurance covers common property under the management of a strata title or body corporate entity. It covers common or shared property including common areas, balconies, lifts, pools, gardens, car parks, wiring, walls, windows, ceilings and floors. Owners of strata units share premium costs as part of their strata fees. This mandatory insurance also provides liability cover in case people are injured on common property. What’s not covered? Talk to Nsure, so that you thoroughly understand what this cover means to you, and that you have adequate cover for your personal property, which is not covered under residential strata insurance!

Commercial Strata

An investment in commercial property is vulnerable to risk by foreseen and unexpected factors. Nsure will source the right protection for your property, assets and business.

Commercial strata insurance covers the building, common property and common contents for commercial strata properties. This mandatory insurance typically covers accidental damage, theft and burglary of the building and common contents, liability insurance in the event someone is injured on the premises, machinery breakdown, and loss of rental income.

Are you curious about what’s not covered, or what you need to do to ensure that you are covered for the full replacement value? Being underinsured is a real risk that can lead to financial catastrophe. Talk to Nsure! Factors such as building occupancy, the building’s risk profile, and location influence not only premiums but available cover. Additional business insurance is necessary to provide cover for exclusions to a commercial strata policy.

Nsure’s expertise is in sourcing the right protection for your property, your assets and your business. We find the best cover for you, tailored to your unique needs, at competitive prices.

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