Landlord Insurance

Do you own property that you rent to others - even short-term, such as vacation rentals? It may shock you that your home and contents policy won’t fully cover you and your property and its contents.

If someone is renting from you and they steal from you; default on their lease; cause damage to your property or belongings; won’t vacate the premises after they’ve been evicted; or if they are injured on the premises – you can be stuck footing a bill that could cost you hundreds of thousands, or even more.

Things to consider when you’re choosing landlord insurance include price, amount covered for damage caused by natural disasters, theft or burglary by the tenant or outsiders, malicious or unintentional damage caused by the tenant or their pet, various rental losses including getting the premises ready to lease again after a tenant has vacated (such as removal of belongings, damage repair, changing locks), and public liability cover if a guest is injured.

In our litigious society, it’s best to be prepared. Talk to Nsure today. We will help you avoid potential claims against you, and protect you from tenants who treat you and your property with disrespect. You deserve the peace of mind knowing that even if your rental situation goes badly, you will not lose your shirt!

Ensure you’re covered