Prestige Home Insurance

Most home insurance buyers want the cheapest price. This means that cover has to be lower. If you own one or more homes that would cost in excess of $1 million to rebuild, you need prestige home insurance.

A typical affordable home insurance policy has relatively low limits on luxury items such as jewellery, antiques, or art. But you’re not looking for the cheapest. You have different standards and different expectations. You’re all about quality, and you want to ensure adequate cover for your luxury home, rare artwork, collector’s items, precious metals, jewellery or other prized possessions.

You need an insurance product with superior cover. You need worldwide cover for valuables you take along on your travels… high limits for your valuables… identity fraud expenses… and much more.

Don’t be fooled – all insurance is not alike! Don’t suffer the consequences of under-insuring your luxury properties and valuable contents by choosing a low-cost home/contents policy. Contact Nsure to discuss the kinds of outstanding prestige cover we can secure for you!

Ensure you’re covered